Pre-planning - a gift for those you love.

It’s All About Taking Control

Thinking about your own death is not something that most people care to do, and to plan your own services may seem even more difficult. If this is the way you feel now, consider the emotional stress your family will face at the time of your death. This is the time when families need to deal with the grieving process and not a time when they should be overwhelmed with the details of planning for cremation services.

By pre-planning your services, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your wishes will be carried out and your family will not have to worry about handling all the details. When people prearrange their services, they are giving the necessary information to take care of death certificates and other paperwork.   

 A person can also take the prearranging process one step further by pre-funding their final services. Doing so helps reduce a financial burden from your family. Thus, you can feel confident that your funding is secure, as all funds are invested in accordance with Tennessee law.