Simple Cremation

A simple cremation gives you and your family more flexibility. There is no immediate rush to have everyone gather. With a simple cremation, there's no embalming, formal viewing or funeral. It only includes the essentials: transportation, completing the required paperwork, the cremation itself and providing the cremated remains to the family. This allows you to schedule a service at a date and time that makes sense for everyone.

Cremation Urns

You can select from many styles and sizes constructed of cast bronze, pewter, hardwoods, and other durable materials. You can also personalize most urns through the use of pictures, engraving or vinyl appliques. Whether placed in a niche, a burial space, r take home, urns are dignified memorials from cremated remains.

Cremation Urn Vaults

An urn vault is recommended if you choose ground burial. In fact, many cemeteries require that urns be placed in one. Built of strong materials and sealed before interment, urn vaults protect urns from subsoil elements and the weight of the earth and cemetery maintenance equipment. Urn vaults are available in many styles and prices to suit different preferences, and like urns, can be personalized.


We offer a variety of keepsake items from individual jewelry, thumbprint mementos, memory hug bears and many other personalized mementos. Please ask one of our funeral service professionals for more information.